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Often, you must turn your stylus to erase if you hope to write anything worth a second reading.

- Horace, Satires

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Sometimes, all you want for your documents is certainty there aren't any glaring spelling errors, typos, or punctuation issues. That's what a proofreader is for.

But that's not always enough!

For your words to have their intended effects, you sometimes need a copyeditor.

Copyediting is a beefier version of simple proofreading — a kind of mid-point between proofreading and editing. On top of your standard proofreading for spelling, grammar and consistency, a copyeditor ensures your writing makes sense — with appropriate wording and sentence structure.

I actually began my professional life as a proofreader/copyeditor, working for Encyclopaedia Britannica (see my credit on the 1998 CD-ROM version of the publication) and Douglas Press (a breakopen lottery ticket manufacturer). Since then, I have been the proofreader for literally hundreds of books and magazines, as well as copyeditor for dozens of clients


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