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Few things are impossible

to diligence and skill.

- Samuel Johnson,



Over my career, I have contributed to dozens of clients on wide-ranging project types. Whether as a writer, editor, or humble proofreader, I have helped transform my clients' ideas all the way from blank pages to audience-ready content. 

And it's that variety of experience that helps me see your words from your perspective.

Here is a sample of the types of work I have done:

Web Writing: Internet connections are getting faster at the same time that attention spans are getting shorter. And we're also seeing the line between online content and print content become obliterated. As a result, no matter where your content gets presented, it needs to be tight, well organized, and get to the point immediately. Otherwise you’ll lose a reader. 

Print Advertising: Everyone remembers the great magazine ads they've seen. Make yours memorable, too, with great copy.

Press Releases: This is just one of the areas I've worked in, and I've written press releases for Fortune 500 companies as well as local businesses. 

Internet Marketing: I have had experience from many angles in this area: from campaign writing and design to fulfillment and follow-up. 

Rewriting and Editing: For businesses in the Information Age, change is the only constant. That means revising your existing brochures, manuals, and other business documents is as important as the initial publication. 

Proofreading: The official definition varies, but my interpretation of "proofreading" involves checking documents — either electronically or in hard copy format — for spelling, grammar, and consistency. This makes proofreading a subset of "copyediting."

Copyediting: In my mind, copyediting is a midway point between proofreading and editing. It takes proofreading and adds services to improve word choices and logic.

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I have been working with Ross for several years now on every type of document, from academic articles to marketing. His work is thorough, his turnaround time is quick, and his changes are easy to understand. Ross makes sure that he fully comprehends the intention behind the words before executing any extensive rephrasing—which saves countless hours of review. I highly recommend him and I am grateful to have him on my team.

- Kate Siner Francis, Owner of Larger Visions

Integrative Psychotherapy

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