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My Rates

No man but a blockhead wrote, except for money.

- Samuel Johnson, 1776

Rates are based, in part, on recommendations by former employers as well as information gathered by writers’ guilds across the country. Of course, fees also depend on the project complexity; writing copy for a print ad and proofreading a press release bill differently. I also have special considerations for non-profit organizations.


All of these rules taken together mean you can expect to be billed between $45 and $60 per hour.


But, hey... no freelancer ever got anywhere playing strictly by the rules! The writer who only concentrates on the bottom line loses a little bit of inspiration every time he sits down to write.


I will work within almost any reasonable type of budget, so contact me. Let’s talk about your project.

  • What is your budget? Are you a struggling novelist or are you representative of a Fortune 500 company?

  • Is this for a non-profit organization?

  • Will this be an ongoing project or a one-time event?

  • Does your project require on-site work?

  • Will it involve several rewrites?

  • Is there a lengthy review process involving lawyers and several layers of management?


To the right you’ll find a list of sample rates. Contact me if you have any pricing concerns.

Sample Rates

Proofreading: $45/hour for typical corporate materials (marketing collateral, newsletters, Web sites, etc.) or $4.50 per book page (400 words).


Copyediting: $50/hour

or $5.00 per book page (400 words).


Editing/Rewriting: $55/hour.



Advertising Copywriting: $60 per hour.

Newspaper or Magazine Articles: $60 per hour.

Press Releases: With no research needed, $200 for first page, $125 for each additional page. If research is required, then bill at usual copywriting rate of $60 per hour.


I have been working with Ross for several years now on every type of document, from academic articles to marketing. His work is thorough, his turnaround time is quick, and his changes are easy to understand. Ross makes sure that he fully comprehends the intention behind the words before executing any extensive rephrasing—which saves countless hours of review. I highly recommend him and I am grateful to have him on my team.

- Kate Siner Francis, Owner of Larger Visions

Integrative Psychotherapy

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