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Only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road.

- Dag Hammerskjold, Markings

Writing without editing is like high school chemistry — there's a lot of powerful stuff in there, but the mistakes can make the whole thing blow up at any time!


A good editor can take good writing and make it great. How? Understanding the author's intent, streamlining content, and just providing another perspective are a few of the ways a good editor can improve your writing.


If you have a project of your own you'd like to run by an accomplished editor, contact me.


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I have been working with Ross for several years now on every type of document, from academic articles to marketing. His work is thorough, his turnaround time is quick, and his changes are easy to understand. Ross makes sure that he fully comprehends the intention behind the words before executing any extensive rephrasing—which saves countless hours of review. I highly recommend him and I am grateful to have him on my team.

- Kate Siner Francis, Owner of Larger Visions

Integrative Psychotherapy

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