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Pep Boys Takes It Further

And now, some good news.

It's not often I get to point out when someone does something the right way. I mean, that's really more a job for a coach than a critic, isn't it?

Even less often do classic proofreading issues get raised by TV commercials.

But the tagline in a Pep Boys commercial caught my ear this morning because it does both -- "We go further to help you go farther."

Now, it's a solid tagline, for sure: pointing out the company's willingness and ability to give a little extra ("go further") while riffing on the car's ability to take customers literal distance ("go farther"). But it's also a lesson in the difference between the words "further" and "farther" -- an important difference to remember, and it's one I've had to point out countless times during my proofreading career.

If you're not sure what I mean, you should check out Merriam-Webster's great article for a lesson on the differences between the two words.

I just wanted to take some time to praise the Pep Boys copywriters for spreading some knowledge and just generally making the world a better, clearer place.

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