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True Proofreading Stories

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A Classic from the CTA

Image courtesy of Russell Sekeet - 2200 series on the Blue Line, CC BY 2.0,

In 2006, the Chicago Tribune found several errors on then-current Chicago Transit Authority maps intended to help riders navigate their sometimes-confusing "L" and subway lines.

The spelling errors and missing stops certainly didn't clear up that confusion.

Predictably, then-president of the CTA, Frank Kruesi, fired the person he deemed responsible -- even though it's doubtful a single person designed, wrote, and proofread the map. Clearly, this was more of a group effort.

Repairing the errors required an expensive (but necessary) $75,000 fix, leading one commenter at the above link to rightly wonder how much the CTA would have saved by hiring a part-time proofreader.

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