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True Proofreading Stories

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For Some, There Is No Bad Press

Late last week, some who had bought a Taylor Swift-branded shirt suddenly realized they'd been wearing a typo all along.

The shirt, containing two lines from one of her songs, misplaced the apostrophe in "You're" -- placing it between the "r" and "e."

Of course, we might allow her some artistic license in printing her own lyrics (e.g., nobody's pointing out the missing comma after "Baby" in the second line -- or the lack of punctuation at the end of the lines). Some apologists are even saying the mistake was intentional, that it was just a creative misspelling or was meant to bring attention to another of her songs, with the lyric, "Spelling is fun!"

As unfortunate as the typo is, I think it's more unfortunate so many people had been wearing the shirt for a month without noticing the error.

Most of us aren't lucky (?) enough to have the cult-like appeal of a Taylor Swift -- the appeal that allows her to actually get positive attention from such a snafu. The rest of us should probably hire a proofreader.

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