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True Proofreading Stories

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It's an Honor?

It was a rough couple of days of proofreading in Philadelphia in early July.

First up was legendary singer Patti LaBelle, who grew up in the city and had a string of hits in the 70s and 80s. Philadelphia honored her by naming a section of Broad Street after her.

Unfortunately, while the sign the city presented her had her name spelled correctly, the signs installed at street level had a lowercase 'B' in her last name.

Next up was NBA player Jimmy Butler, who was traded by the Philadelphia 76ers to the Miami Heat. The team tried to honor their former player -- and came really close to succeeding -- but their goodbye message to him spelled his last name as "Buter."

Maybe it's because he spent only part of one season with the team and they didn't get enough time to learn his name?

The lesson? While it's nice to honor people's contributions to your city, organization, or company, it's a lot nicer to do it in a way that SHOWS you really care.

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