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Radical Idea for a Politician

Image courtesy of Daderot [CC0]

One candidate in the Denver mayoral runoff has (unintentionally) brought up an idea a lot of election-weary people can get behind.

A mailer for candidate Jamie Giellis, in which she argues against an "urban camping ban" as a solution for homelessness in the city, contains a typo (or is it a Freudian slip?) that calls for an "urban CAMPAIGN ban."

In a world where the election cycle seems to run 24/7/365, I don't think of this as an unfortunate typo that distracts from a very real problem; I think of this as an idea whose time has come.

But it's also a reason people who run marketing campaigns should take more time to hone their messages and perfect their copy before bringing the exact wrong attention to their issues.

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